Storyboards are an invaluable pre-visualization tool. My goal is to not only provide great looking boards, but to make them as useful as possible by providing additional technical information.

I approach projects from a well-trained visual perspective, having an extensive advertising, theatre and marketing background. I'm not finished until you have what you are looking for.

With my boards I can tailor everything to the actual camera and lenses being used on the project so what you see on the boards is as close to what the camera sees as possible. Another great thing about my 3D frames is your camera location, camera angles, height, lighting, etc. are virtually created and plotted on a ground plan of the shooting location. This allows details to be worked out and problems solved before arriving on set. 


Scouted locations can be constructed in 3-D, producing a scale model of the actual location.

This allows the Director and D.P. to:


  •  “BE” on location


  •  try out various shot options

  •  select the PERFECT SHOT

  •  BEFORE incurring any site or crew costs


Camera shots, set ups, and other pre-planning can take place in the virtual world first.


Each individual frame can provide camera position, height, angle; along with a ground plan of the shot -- tremendously expediting the on-site schedule.

If a change is needed, or a brainstorm occurs, you can test it out on the virtual set first, Revisions can happen quicker than having to re-sketch,

The storyboard shots can be turned into an animatic, creating a virtual representation of the film through some basic animation- all before shooting has even begun!

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